Full Moon Clearing

Wow, it has been quite a while since I have posted. My apologies. That is going to be another story and another post at another time 🙂 I don’t know how many times I have started to write posts, but something has always stopped to me. Something has always come up. I have been collecting a list of things I wanted to be sharing but never really seemed to get quite to it. So, one of my most loving, grounding and insightful counselor a la Sage has been urging me to stat posting for a while, and I am finally following her advice.

That same loving and lovely lady also sent me the post I am sharing about clearing negativity. We all have those moments in our lives where we are presented with a challenge that intensely tests us. I have had one of those recently. On the surface is was a significant failure in judgment. However, when we look underneath it ahs really has turned out in many ways to be a blessing in disguise. Giving me clarity on lifestyle, priorities and giving me greater insights into myself. It is also pushing me forward and accelerating my spiritual journey and growth, something I have been asking and longing for and working eagerly to manifest.

Having said all of this, I could have manifested this situation with more grace and ease and less drama and less impact on those whom I deeply care for and love. There is some negative residue surrounding this, and there are some potentially significant implications for me on this side of this 3-D world.

Hence this posting. On the Most Potent Full Moon of The Year Clear Negativity from The Past 12 Months

As is being shared tonight these is a full moon. Full moons are always powerful and tonight even more so. According to the Buddhist tradition this an amazing opportunity for us to:
“… cleanse and clear the residue of old negative energies and plant new metaphorical seeds to manifest the emotional, mental, and spiritual intentions that we can then nurture and reap throughout the year.”
This is an opportunity to be finding completion, closing a chapter and being able to move forward with open and writing a new chapter. Ensuring we are connecting with those thoughts energy and feelings things that are truly going to serve us, with gratitude and appreciation and exuberance.

I will be taking full advantage of this opportunity, and the suggested ritual surrounding it.

I guess the question for all of us is, are there things that have happened over the last 12 months that you would like the opportunity to close the chapter on, to cleanse it from your energetic field, and to populate that field with feelings, thoughts and intentions. Is this an opportunity to plant new seeds of manifestation that are going to serve you your highest and best interests, and your highest and best interest and purposes?

I look forward to any of you who choose to share. And I will certainly be sharing my experiences soon.

Here is to full Moons …

Here is to cleansing …

Here is to new seeds …

Happy planting and nourishing …


Author: Alex Myles
Image: Flickr/Ajith Kumar