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On Being Limitless

On Being Limitless

As many of you know “Notes from the Universe” is part of my daily ritual … Many of us, myself included, are looking for our purpose, our life’s purpose. This quote from mike Dooly appeared in my inbox today. The Universe tells us that our purpose is to “grasp how unlimited you truly are.” The serendipity around this is amazing for. Reinforcing for me that we are indeed, “spiritual beings choosing to have a human experience.”

It also reinforces another theme from the last few posts, that of self-betrayal. The Universe says, “You are not on earth to put the needs of others before your own.”

We are on earth to be,
to be limitless …

May we all see just how truly unlimited we are, today, and every day.

Here is the full post. Note when The Universe sends these out they are personalized with your name, so IYNH means Insert Your Name Here 🙂

You are not on earth to make things happen. You are not on earth to spread the love. You are not on earth to make it a better place or to learn acceptance of the things you cannot change. You are not on earth to find your soul mate or your purpose. You are not on earth to put the needs of others before your own. And you are most certainly not on earth, [IYNH], to suffer, pay penance, be tested, or judged.

Did I leave anything out?

You are on earth, [IYNH], because in your loftiest state of being, perched high above the wonderment, at the pinnacle of your glory, you wondered what it would be like, even fleetingly, to believe in limits.

You sage,

    The Universe

PS – And when you can grasp this, [IYNH], from within the illusions, you will also grasp how unlimited you truly are. (And we’ll probably never hear the end of it…)