An arrow can only be shot by pulling backwards ...

An arrow can only be shot by pulling backwards …

So again I have been MIA for a bit. Honestly I have been quite overwhelmed with a couple of things going on in my life and in particular with some people very close to me. I have not been this overwhelmed for quite a while, quite a while. Despite all of my best efforts, to clear, process and let go … I was not. (I now we are in mercury – Retro Grade, but this was so much more). I was so very weighed down by all of this. I was incredibly emotional, so very easily moved to tears on a number of occasions. I was not functioning well. Not well at all.

Some of this was my stuff, some it was not.

Two days ago it all finally seemed to start to move. It started to break. Yesterday I woke up and was not quite back to “normal” but very close. It felt so good I was giddy throughout the day. Nothing had materially changed, but something had. I felt lighter.

What happened? I am not sure. I know that I had been mediation and praying hard; for the highest best outcomes for all; to be able to let go; to have faith; for my guide’s and angels to help me do whatever it is I needed to do.

I do feel like I have released something, I am lighter. I feel purposeful. I am not sure what it actually was, and when I check in I have the feeling that I really do not need to know the specifics, most importantly that it has been released and transmuted.

As I was moving through this process I did find the quote provided in the picture. It did give me much solace. It does give me comfort that all of this has had a purpose and that all will be much better for myself and all those involved.