Making people happySo two quotes that really caught my attention this week.

The first one is about making people happy. This quote is SO true! The truth is that most often we also make ourselves happier when we choose to enter or leave the room. It is similar to opening and closing the doors along our life journey. We each “own” the power to make ourselves happy by choosing consciously to enter or to leave the room.

So what rooms do you need to be leaving?

What rooms do you want to be entering?


The second quote builds on the first one and is about taking ownership of our entrances and our exits. It is about not waiting for others to act but “owning” control of your life and those people who you are sharing rooms with.

If there are people in your room who are no longer serving you and your higher purposes, why are you waiting to leave? The painful truth is that you are probably not serving them either. What rooms are you still in where you are not serving other people’s higher goods.

So why wait? Why?

Equally as important, who are the people in your life who are serving you? How do you promote them?

How do you let them know you value them?
That you respect them.
That you love them.
That you want more of them,
… their gifts,
… their time,
… their energy.

By the way
“the room” = YOUR LIFE
The rooms” = THE LIVES YOU SHARE with people.

So what people need to exiting your life?

What lives do you need to be exiting?

What people need to enter your life?

What lives do you need to be entering?