To-Be ListA friend and I were catching up the other day and the conversation had me reflecting upon the question; Are we human “doings” or are we human “beings?” Are our lives more consumed with “doing?” Or are our lives more consumed with “being.” We are all “human doings” to some extent. We need to do things, this is part of human condition. We keep to do lists. Many of us seem to run and organize our lives based on our to-do list. I’m not saying we don’t need to do lists. However, many of us seem to lose ourselves in our to-do list. Our to-do lists become ends in themselves rather than a means to an end. Our to-do lists come to define us and our feelings about ourselves.

We become so busy “doing” we do not have time to “be.” So it hit me that maybe we need to have a “To-Be List.” This would be a list of what we wanted to “be” each day. A list of what “being” human meant to each us. It would be a list that would give our doings context and greater purpose. A clear connection to the end that we desire.

So what is my To-Be list?

I want to be:

  • Present in each moment.
  • Grateful for all that I have and all that I am.
  • Compassionate to myself and all that I am connected with .
  • Overflowing with love .
  • Filled with grace in all that I do.
  • Abundant and sharing this with all I am connected to.
  • . . .

Want to I want to be:

  • The best life partner I can be.
  • The best father I can be.
  • The best brother, son, and family member I can be.
  • The best friend I can be.
  • The very best me I can manifest in each moment.

As I check things off my to-do list, I realize I now look forward to checking and rechecking items off my To-Be List.