let GoThe title of this post is a quote attributed to Doreen Virtue. As I reflect upon the last couple of weeks it certainly has been a theme for myself, and a number of others around me. The universe has been quite direct in encouraging me to “just let it flow.”

Part of my morning ritual these days is at the end of meditation to pull a card from a Oracle deck, specially fairy cards from Doreen virtue 🙂 the question I simply ask each day is “what do I need to know or focus on for today?” Each Monday I actually pull three cards and the question is what do I need to know or focus on for the coming week the first card indicates what my focus has been, the second card indicates what I should be focusing on currently, and the third card indicates what the outcome will be based on I. The card that was pulled last Monday was let it go, and shown above.

The universe further emphasized the point for me the next day where in a card reading with a friend and business partner by a very gifted lady my whole reading came down to great things are coming, but you need to be patient, and you need to let it flow.

Thus my mantra for the week, and coming weeks, has indeed been “let go, and let God.” Throughout the week I have been doing this and results have certainly been surprising at times. I think for me the letting go aspects has two parts. The first I have been very active in a “Mike Dooley” and “Esther Hicks” kind of way in setting intentions and laying “gridwork” for the last couple of months. As guided by both of these teachers not getting caught up in the details but focusing on the outcome and focusing on the feeling. I think the letting go is acknowledging to myself and the Universe that yes I have done my work, and I have done it pretty well. I have held up my part of the cosmic faith bargain, and now it is the Universe and want their turn God’s turn to fulfill their parts of the bargain

… and I need to get out of my own way. I need to “Let Go, and Let God.”