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????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????As I have shared previously part of my ritual in starting everyday is reading an email from Mike Dooley’s “Notes from the Universe.” As always, I am amazed at the timing of these notes and how they speak to me for where I am in my journey. I think it also speaks to some others I have been in conversations with over the last few weeks. Today’s note said,


         Haven’t you noticed?

        The right people always find each other at the right time.


            The Universe

        PS – Yeah, it’s freaky.

And as I reflected upon this, I realized “yeah it is freaky.”

And I realized just how grateful I am,

  • for all the people I have found and who have come into my life.
  • For all the people who have found me and let me into their lives.
  • For all the people who may drift away, and come back into my life. You are friendship boomerangs 🙂
  • For all the people who are in my life right now, at this very point in time. How much better my life is for being connected with you, so much richer, so much more vibrant, so much more alive, having so much more magic and potential.
  • For all the people who were going to come into my life, and whose life I am going to come into, at just the right time. I can hardly wait!

So today I find myself being aware and grateful for all I have been connected, am connect to and will be connected to …