power of no

A great post from a very good friend you has been near Herculean in what he has been processing and working through over the last while …


There comes a time in our lives when we need to say No.

Whether it is “No, I am no longer going to tolerate that behavior”, No, I can no longer support you or your lifestyle”, “No, I can no longer live like this or live here” or, the hard one, “No, you are not a real friend”. The word, in its simplest form, has a strong meaning that always allows us to move forward another step or, as in my case, to start moving forward again.

It is hard but it is life. If we don’t do it, or don’t stick to our decision, we will never get to where we are supposed to be and the repeating occurrences in our life will just continue to repeat. I, for one, do not want to live my life repeating past mistakes and ignoring lessons learned. I want Best and I won’t accept anything less than Best!

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