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99-times-Albert-Einstein-Quote1This quote hit me hard and the other day when I stumbled upon it. I shared in a post-a week or so ago about a series of insights that had come to me and how many dots had connected for me. Many of those insights revealed just how much I am actually “in my head,” and have been for all my life. Five decades later I am realizing the degree of adultification that was a part of my childhood. The result being I have been very much in my head for much of my life.

Even after nearly 8 years of daily meditation, yoga five or six times a week, numerous spiritual retreats, studying Rieki , studying Kundalini, and even studying with numerous Masters and Hawaiian Kahuna’s  I am literally gob smacked at the realization of how much I am still in my head.

Thus I found this quote beautiful, for even for Einstein had to get out his of head … and when he got “out of his head” he found truth.

Here is to all of us spending less time in our heads, more time in our hearts, more time in the silence and finding more truth.