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cathing_the_waveSerendipity, I received this e-mail from Tori Hartman right at the end of my mediation last week when the Dots were connecting. It was for me confirmation of all that I had given in the lessons and insights of My Dots being connected. As Tori says below this was the Universe sending me a “billboard” (see below, I love this sentiment). This is a longer post but I also love the question she asks about what we are doing while we are waiting to catch the next great wave. You cannot be riding the way all the time. This is simply part of the human experience. Mike Dooley reinforces a similar point with his teachings. It is not what we are doing when we are on a spiritual roll of manifestation, i.e. riding the wave that counts. What counts is what you are doing when the waters are calm and you are waiting for the wave. Mike’s point is that the more prepared you are, the better and longer the ride.

So as Tori asks, what you are doing today, right now. For me I have the knowing I am “turning the board into position,” so I can catch the next big wave. I have been waiting for a while for this one. I have the feeling this is going to be one of those big ones. It should be one hell of a ride …

Here is all of Tori’s e-mail, key parts for me are highlighted.

A client “Pete” phoned recently, worried about the decisions he’d made about business. He was in upset because he had been at a job that he termed “an under-earning situation.”I reminded him that in this past year he left a 20-year marriage, and that he was confused and disoriented when he took that job a year ago. He did not make a bad decision, he made the best one at the time. Who he is today is someone that doesn’t fit there.”What do I do?” he asked.

Wait for the wave. I said.


I laughed with him. Sometimes, being psychic is a strange experience.

A few weeks prior, I was out with a few friends. We were chatting and out of nowhere I turned to the bartender and asked when he was leaving for Fiji. He shook his head and asked me, rather confused. “Do I know you?”

I had an oops moment. Sometimes, without knowing it, spirit talks to me and I think that I’ve had a conversation with the person, when in fact we’ve never met. I try to keep this at a minimum to avoid freaking people out. I’ve learned to ask questions.

This guy was in a similar place to my client Pete. He didn’t know what to do, if he should go to Fuji, there were a few variables…

He was a surfer. I asked him what he did after he paddled out on his board. “I wait for the wave” he replied.

I smiled and waited. He nodded – got it instantly.

But I couldn’t help myself… teasing.  “So you don’t wonder what you can do to make the wave come, or if there ever will be another wave in your lifetime or if…”

He waved for me to stop – laughing. Then shrugged as he wiped down the bar. “It always comes if you wait long enough.”

When we are lost, the key is to wait it out. I’m not talking about doing nothing.

I’m saying that after we make our request, we have to ask the universe to show us what to do next.

Whenever I ask the universe for something, I always add… oh, and make it a billboard so I don’t miss it.

There is another part to the surf analogy; when you ride a wave that is the only zone you can be in. You must be there. Be present. Your entire being must be in it.

We are always doing the best we can in any given moment but remember this: even for a surfer no one can expect to be in balance at all times. Life is about being out of balance and stepping back into it.

Remember no matter what is going on in your life – you must determine which part you are in to get yourself into the zone:

Are you:

1. Paddling?

2. Turning the board into position?

3. Did you just miss a huge wave?

4. Scrambling to catch a wave?

5. Catching a wave?

6. Wiping out?

7. Riding the wave?

8. Coming into shore?

Here’s how to bring yourself into alignment no matter which step you are on:


If you are paddling, that is where you are. Focus on the next intended action. Keep paddling.

Getting into position?

You may be changing directions and not sure how to do this next part. This is change.

Miss the Wave?

Oh, if only you had been ready… forget this part. Wasted time. That was not your wave, not your moment. “If I had bought that property five years ago…” Well, you didn’t. Timing is everything. Again, accept that wasn’t your wave.


Slow down. Take stock. Is this the right moment? Check for typos. Mistakes that make you look unprepared. If you feel a panic right now, you may be trying to gain momentum in something that has already passed.

Catching a Wave

Sometimes we confuse excitement with worry. Check within. Where are you? What are you truly feeling? Get excited. This is your moment.

Wiping Out?

How many surfers wipe out and then vow to never, ever, ever get back on that board again? Because they will never let THAT happen to them? Yeah, go ahead and chuckle.

Riding the Wave

Smile, enjoy and have fun. Feel the exhilaration of this time. Be in the moment. You are in the zone… reward and enjoy.

Coming into shore?

How will you step off your board? Will you fall? Crash? Land gently? Go back out? Take a break?

No matter what phase you are in, there is a different approach to each. It is easy to see that when you’re waiting for the wave there is nothing to do but meditate. The universe is soon going to send you someone or something that will get you up and running again.

And take heart. This is a cycle we are all on. Once you know where you are you can determine what to “do.” Each place has a very real action.

Rest assured that you are in motion, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

If you relate to one position in particular and feel stuck, pull a Chakra Wisdom Card now to see what it tells you about how to move to the next level.

See you next week!

Much Love,

Tori Hartman’s guidance has helped celebrities, such as Jeff Lewis in launching his hit TV show, Flipping Out, on Bravo Networks. Tori was also featured by popular author and artist, SARK as an expert on living an empowered life for the Tele-Class series Dream Boogie with SARK. Tori lives in Los Angeles, CA with her two Whippets, Frank and Owen. For more on Tori visit www.ToriHartman.com.