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Today, in meditation, was one of those wondrous days. The Dots  connected! Many Dots  connected for me. Dots that had been collected for many years. Dots that had been reinforced throughout my journey. Dots that had become very large and very uncomfortable as I looked back at stages of my life, and as looked to where my life is now.

Many of us on the “spiritual path,” talk about “doing the work.” This is the time and effort we spend reflecting and analysing ourselves, and our past experiences. We do this so we can understand thoughts, behaviours and patterns that have, and do, block our progress as to where we want to be going in our lives and what we want to be manifesting in them.

For me the Dots that connected today were all around my ability to truly receive. To receive gifts from others, and from the universe. Like so many of us I came to realize that the blockages I had, had come from vows I had made with myself at a very young age and that I have been honouring for nearly 50 years. It is said that “awareness is curative.” I am not sure I’m fully cured, but I am now certainly fully aware. Parts of this awareness are heartbreaking, looking back and now understanding the choices that were made and the outcomes that were realized. Parts of this awareness are liberating, enlightening, now being able to have some understanding of why many things have happened the way they have. And in this awareness there is indeed much power.

Sometimes we wonder, I know I certainly have at times, is it all worth it? Would it not be easier to step off the spiritual path? Days like today, when the Dots  connect, when it all seems to make sense, when you can see a clear path as to why you have arrived in the spot you are in precisely now, the question of was it worth it is absolutely moot. Because even now as the awe of those moments of The Dots connecting and the insights provided lessens a little bit, the fact that they happened only shows me that yes it is all worth it.

I know this is merely a stage in the journey, yet it is a stage that I celebrate for I have received much today and I am grateful for that. I look forward to the next stages of the journey and the Dots that will be collected so that those too can connect.