Cosmic Restart ButtonI have been MIA (missing in action) for a while … and I am not sure why …

Life has been busy and at times overwhelming, but it is this way for all of us right now is it not? And life and events do seem to getting faster and more urgent. But again this is the same for all of us right now? I have been feeling the urge to write and reconnect again for a while but something was always coming up, events always seemed to be getting in the way  … and something happened the other morning that crystallized recent events for me …

I lost my iPhone.
Which for me as a consultant (in my day job) and living a fairly mobile life these last few years it is my connection with many people and especially many of those I care deeply about. Thus, this was not a good thing. Not a good thing at all.

So after retracing my foot steps and getting a bit frantic I logged into iCloud. For those of you who do not know Apple and the iPhone have this feature in iCloud called “Find My iPhone,” specifically for situation like this. So sure enough,  I logged into iCloud from my laptop and located my phone. Yes, it was somewhere in my building. I tried calling it, texting to it, but I was getting no response. I then resorted to lost mode. Lost mode allows you to send a message to the phone saying it is lost, providing a phone number and a message for whoever has the phone to contact you. So this part of the story had a happy ending, I was called and reunited with my phone.

As I sat down to log off of iCloud I found myself wishing that I had a lost mode button, a “Cosmic Lost Mode Button.” I realized I had been a bit lost lately. More like unfocused.  I have been fortunate to be bearing witness to a tremendous amount of activity, serendipity, wondrous energy and elevation and have been feeling like I am not moving as quickly as the times around me right now. I have been feeling a bit lost. Like I am not as on course as I should be, not as focused as I would like to be, not as connected as I would like to be.

As I said,  I am wishing I all had a Universal Lost Mode button, when it was pressed I would be returned back to where I am supposed to be, doing what I am supposed to do, being what I am supposed to be. Then I realized I have that my Universal Lost Mode has been turned on for a while. That message of “You are a little lost right now, call the number below to start to return home” has been in front of me for a while. God, Universe, Source, One, you choose your word to describe universal enlightenment had sent the message out. I had felt the message, I knew the message was there but had not looked down to return the message …

I am returning the message; I am finding my way back to where I am supposed to be.

May all of our cosmic lost buttons get pressed when they need to be pressed.
May we all return the messages that have been sent to for us.
May we all start to find our way home when we need too.