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I share the following post from someone I am very grateful to have as friend. I have been privileged to share in parts of his journey and bear witness to some of his transformation. In this post he shares very directly and bluntly what lead him to make changes in his life. From my point of view these are not just changes, they are TRANSFORMATION. Transitive change, in whatever its form and shape it takes, always inspires me with hope. Hope that all who truly want too can aspire to become the person they are truly meant to be. To step fully into the lives they wish to live.

Enjoy this post … to the transformation within all of us …

Are You Ready to Change?Are you ready to change your life?I was! There was a point not too long ago that I was frustrated, wanted more, wasn’t truly happy and had HAD ENOUGH! Most of those I interacted with frequently had no clue that behind the smile, fun times or attempts at humour I was basically sad, overstressed, felt like a failure at “adulthood” and “relationships” and crying inside. Even the few that I became quite close to at times didn’t know. I was good at covering it up, hiding it, whatever; no one knew!Then there came a point near the mid-point of this summer when it blew up inside of me and I knew I had to change; change the way I lived, change the way I thought and the direction I was going. I wanted my dreams, I wanted BEST and I wanted life! My goal was to create the life I’d always dreamed of, and the mere thought of it paralyzed me in fear. But when my turning point came I knew in my heart I was ready to change my life. Even though I KNEW I had to change I questioned if I was ready to change. Here are 10 ways that I knew was I was ready to change my life:

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